Greenhouse gas emissions helped push global temperatures to an all-time high in 2016. Photo credit: Lukas Schulze/Getty Images

By Lynn Zinser

A news organization dedicated to reporting on issues at the intersection of climate change, law and litigation is being launched today.

Climate Liability News ( is a news outlet whose mission is to report objectively and neutrally on the relatively new, but quickly growing area of legal responsibility for the impacts of climate change in the United States and around the world.

“Climate change is the most urgent issue facing the world today, but unfortunately, in this country, its urgency has been lost in the ideological meltdown of American politics,” said Richard Wiles, publisher of CLN. “ Climate impacts are already here and imposing staggering costs on taxpayers that will only increase even as the world fights to rein in greenhouse gas emissions.”

From Juliana v. U.S., to the New York attorney general’s investigation of Exxon, to Conservation Law Foundation v. Exxon, to cities and states that are considering how to pay for climate adaptation costs, climate litigation is happening in many forms and in many places, and it is important to have objective reporting to put it all in context.  We will explore the issues and strategies behind these cases as they emerge, report on their progress and analyze their impacts on the climate issue at large.

“Our mission is to inform the public and explain the the legal issues and approaches being explored to address accountability and responsibility for the enormous costs of climate change,” Wiles added.

Climate Liability News is a project of the nonprofit Climate Communications and Law.

Lynn Zinser, Executive Editor of Climate Liability News, is a veteran journalist who has previously worked as Senior Editor of InsideClimate News, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism organization, and more than a decade as a writer and editor at The New York Times.

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