Climate Liability News will merge with Drilled News as of Feb. 1

By Karen Savage

After three years of covering the ins and outs of climate change-related litigation, Climate Liability News is thrilled to announce that we’re merging with Drilled News, a multi-platform climate accountability reporting project.

Over the years, we’ve covered some pretty big stories, especially the growing wave of climate liability lawsuits filed against the fossil fuel industry by communities nationwide, including New York City, San Francisco and Baltimore. We provided daily coverage of the New York attorney general’s climate fraud suit against Exxon, have kept up with global developments in litigation and climate-related human rights issues. We produced in-depth reporting on internal documents showing Shell predicted years ago that it would be sued over its role in climate change.

We’ve also covered the promotion of a carbon tax by a group founded—and funded—by Exxon and other fossil fuel companies and reported on evidence that Exxon, through its subsidiary Imperial Oil, has known for decades that its favored carbon tax is too low to effectively curb global warming.

Drilled News will feature all of our great in-depth coverage of litigation, plus important stories on government policy, climate research, deep dives on media accountability in climate change reporting and the impact climate change is having on individuals and entire communities in the U.S. and around the world.

And of course, you’ll find Drilled, the popular and award-winning podcast on climate accountability by Amy Westervelt and Hot Take, with Westervelt and Mary Annaïse Heglar, who take an intersectional, critical, but constructive look at climate coverage and the role of storytelling in influencing public opinion.  

We’re also thrilled to collaborate with Emily Atkin, the author of Heated, the newsletter for people who are pissed about climate change (if you haven’t already, subscribe here).

“Climate accountability is an emergent beat, and one that’s critical to accelerating climate action. We’re excited to link up Drilled, Climate Liability News, Heated, and more to bring together some of the best reporters on the beat, and to offer that expertise to a wide range of other outlets,” said Amy Westervelt, who will serve as editor-in-chief for Drilled News.

As of Feb. 1, all of our stories will be published on the Drilled News website and you can follow us on Twitter at @WeAreDrilled and Facebook at Our weekly newsletter will continue as Drilled News Weekly, containing all the latest stories and podcast updates, as well as what’s upcoming and other great news resources.

“Since we started CLN in 2017, the topic we humbly tackled has grown exponentially,” said Lynn Zinser, executive editor of CLN. “Climate litigation was considered an unlikely longshot and now, it’s a full-blown movement. But it’s also part of a larger picture of how to hold governments and corporations accountable for the damage done, and how to avoid allowing the destruction to spiral into the future. Drilled News will be uniquely positioned to tell that story across multiple platforms.”

We thank you for your readership and support over the past three years and hope you continue to follow our work at Drilled News!

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